This is the first of two volumes dedicated to palliative care for patients with non-cancer diseases, to help health professionals, students and society in general, to find strategies to provide better care to these patients. Were invited professionals and researchers of recognized international merit, who have collaborated with the Universidade Católica Portuguesa in the training in palliative care of our students. In this first volume, we will address the interventions among patients with progressive neurological disease, AIDS and the critical patient (emergency and intensive care). In the second issue, we will cover palliative care in patients with chronic heart, respiratory and renal disease. Manuel Luís Capelas, PhD, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Health Sciences of UCP and Codirector of the Portuguese Observatory for Palliative Care This work is a relevant and timely contribution in strengthening knowledge about Palliative Care in groups of patients traditionally excluded from our services, such as those with non-cancer and degenerative diseases, but including those who use services as diverse as intensive care and emergency services. It is important, on this occasion, to leave a word of deep thanks and appreciation to the experts involved in the preparation of this book. Duarte Soares, President of the Portuguese Association for Palliative Care
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  • ISBN: 9789725406380